Middle School – IB (MYP)

The Elementary and Middle School Years aim at the global development of students in all aspects: cognitive, emotional, physical, ethical, aesthetical and social.

This development is planned throughout the nine grade levels that organize the elementary and the middle years programs, with the adequate selection and offer of concepts, contents and skills for each subject area within each grade, and with the following educational goals:

Year 6 to Year 9 – IB (MYP)

Ages 11 to 14 years old

Students work with interdisciplinary projects in a curriculum that includes: Languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish), Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Art, Music, Design and Physical Education. The tutorship program allows students to become more aware of their learning process and how to develop strategies for thinking and relating to others, being mindful of different cultures and perspectives.

In 2013, the school had the pleasure to communicate to parents, students and all the school community the beginning of the application process for the IB certification in the Middle Years Programme – MYP.

school hours



Year 6 to Year 9
7:30am - 3:30pm
Delay tolerance:
10 minutes after arrival time. Students may be up to 10 minutes late, after which they will only be allowed to join the second class period. Students are not expected to arrive at school after the delay tolerance or the second class.
Authorization to leave the school:
Students may leave the school on their own as long as they have been authorized by their parents. The “free pass” form is available along with the enrollment documents and the permit is specified on the student ID card. If the student doesn’t have authorization from the parents, the same rule as for Preschool and Elementary students is followed.